Hojean’s ‘Cruel’ Carries A Ghostly Beauty

Check out his evocative new video...

Hojean can only be himself. After all, who else would he want to be? Undeniably talented, the songwriter worked on a DIY basis, self-taught and retaining control over his music.

Relocating from his native New York to the outskirts of Atlanta, he merges ghostly R&B aspects with gossamer electronics, shot through with radiant bursts of pop innovation. Debut EP ‘Swing’ showcased his versatility, while follow-up ‘Cherie’ amplified his potential, and brought his vision further into focus.

Out now, it finds the Asian-American artist speaking his truth, building art to act as a gateway for others in his community, and people who share his heritage.

‘Cruel’ is a beautifully poised piece of music, the vocal delivery matching his innate charisma to that fragrant production. Airy, buoyant, like layers of perfume, it builds to an emphatic conclusion, one that carries an understated force.

Bobby Lee Palmer has built a video for the song – deeply evocative, you can check it out below.

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