HMLTD’s ‘The End Is Now’ Faces Down Capitalist Greed

Check out their remarkable new video...

HMLTD have shared new single ‘The End Is Now’.

The group’s fantastical new album ‘The Worm’ lands on April 7th, and it deals with English myth, and the dread of modern capitalism. Essentially postulating an enormous worm which is woken by greed and tyranny, and who comes to devastate the land, it blends left-field pop with some extraordinary lyrical endeavours.

Take their latest single. Out now, ‘The End Is Now’ is a blast of art-pop, laden with colour and verse; it’s also a kind of folk horror mini-epic, dipping into pre-Industrial Revolution tropes to re-imagine English history.

“‘The End Is Now’ tells of how the titular Worm was finally awoken by hydraulic fracking of the English countryside, and swallows England whole,” explains frontman Henry Spychalski. “The Worm here is both a metaphor for capitalist greed, and the embodiment of a whole generation’s anxiety, dread and fear in the face of ever-looming apocalypse and world-ending natural disasters.”

The video for ‘The End Is Now’ features a cavalcade of unsettling characters, dealing with witch craft, the disturbance of the natural order, and our current head-long rush into ecological disaster.

Check it out now.

Photo Credit: Erika Denis-Febles

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