Hinako Omori Announces New Album ‘stillness, softness…’

It's out on October 27th...

Hinako Omori will release new album ‘stillness, softness…’ on October 27th.

The London based electronic composer caught our attention with her wonderful debut album ‘a journey…’ which landed last year on Houndstooth. Accompanied by some truly special live shows, Hinako is already prepping her second chapter.

New album ‘stillness, softness…’ continues her journey, adding darker hues into the mix. Hinako opts to increasingly use her voice as an instrument, configuring her approach to the relationship we take to our shadow selves.

New song ‘cyanotype memories’ illustrates this approach, with the tender, spider-like synth lines aligned to her hushed vocal melodies.

 “synths really do respond to how you’re feeling,” says the London-based artist, producer and composer. “There have been times where I’ve felt stressed and my synth would go out of tune. I took it to a repair place once, thinking that something was wrong with it, but it was fine; I think it was to do with my energy levels. So when I sit down and write something, whatever comes out is relevant to how I feel in that moment because the synthesiser is responding to it. The music really becomes a map of my emotions.”

Catch Hinako Omori at London’s the ICA on December 2nd.

Check out ‘cyanotype memories’ below.

Photo Credit: Luca Bailey

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