High Lucia’s ‘Still’ Is A Subtle, Meditative Return

New EP 'Upfall' drops on September 23rd...

University is a strange, and confusing time.

Sure, the cliché holds that it's all 2-for-1 pints at the student union and parading round with a traffic cone on your head, but the reality is rather more complex.

Lex Records associate High Lucia found university to be a particularly intense period of his life, working through different phases, different points of view.

Burrowing within himself, High Lucia allows these feelings to find expression in music. Upcoming EP 'Upfall' is a deeply personal work, with each track offering variations upon subtle meditation.

High Lucia explains:

'Upfall' came from a collection of tracks written over a span of 18 months, drawn from various perspectives of what I considered to be a confusing and shifting period as I progressed through my time at university. These tracks are responses to a prolonged observation of how I felt about my then-current place of living, Brighton, a town which I think is full of frustration and confusion, and how the implication of people’s movement transpires as a sense of place. I spent a lot of my time documenting my interpretation of these settings through photos, and in a way the music is a sonification of the textures and colours in these images.

New cut 'Still' is, well, exactly that – High Lucia seems to freeze all motion, to find a rare moment of utter stillness. Tune in below.

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