“Heartbreaking” Noel Gallagher’s Favourite Neil Young LP

"Darker than dark and bleaker than the inside of Thom Yorke’s Christmas crackers…"

Noel Gallagher has always sought to speak his mind. A true music fan, he knows what he likes – and what he doesn’t. Throughout the British songwriter’s career, a few influences have always shone through: The Beatles (naturally), and close friend Paul Weller, too. But he’s also a huge fan of Neil Young, regularly citing the Canadian-born maverick as a true inspiration.

Supplying the sleeve quote for Jimmy McDonough’s biography Shakey – one of the best Neil Young tomes out there – Noel Gallagher has regularly sought out the songwriter’s work during times of crisis. Speaking to iTunes back in 2015 for a comprehensive interview, the Oasis legend even named his personal favourite from Young’s work.

So, did he turn to gilded Americana gem ‘Harvest’? Or perhaps the stately ‘After The Goldrush’? Or maybe Neil Young’s superb 90s output won his heart?

In actual fact, Noel Gallagher opted for famously gloomy 1975 album ‘Tonight’s The Night’, a record framed by loss, addiction, and survival. During the interview, he said simply: “Heartbreaking, alcohol-fuelled, darker than dark and bleaker than the inside of Thom Yorke’s Christmas crackers…the sound of almost falling apart… don’t listen to it if you’ve fallen out with your bird…or boyfriend…or your cat even!!”

Noel Gallagher has actually had the chance to meet Neil Young, and told MOJO in 2011 that the songwriting legend had always been supportive during their encounters. “This is the only guy I’ve been in awe of after meeting. I’ve had a few beers with him, been out for dinner, played gigs, and before we met, people would say, ‘Well, you know he won’t speak to you.’”

“He’s always been very respectful to Oasis, and to me when I’ve met him. I’ve seen him with Crazy Horse, with acoustic gigs, and he always comes from a place of truth. He’s invented a car that runs on fucking grass or something. The world can be split into two camps: people that like Neil Young and people that don’t. And the people that don’t are fucking idiots.”

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