Hayden Thorpe Introduces New Album ‘Ness’

Inspired by Robert Macfarlane’s book of the same name...

Hayden Thorpe will release new album ‘Ness’ on September 27th.

The former Wild Beasts singer is on a solo roll right now, and for his next endeavour Hayden Thorpe aims to absorb a literary influence. Incoming LP ‘Ness’ was prompted by best-selling author Robert Macfarlane’s book of the same name.

The song cycle takes you to Suffolk’s Orford Ness, the former Ministry of Defence weapons development site utilised during both World Wars and the Cold War. In 1993 the National Trust acquired the site and left it to re-wild, nature reclaiming a place of wartime paranoia.

Uniquely atmospheric, Orford Ness frames the songs on the album. Lead single ‘They’ is online now – opening with a spoken word reading, it then becomes a fusion of bubbling, bucolic instrumentation and skittering electronics.

The track was written after Hayden Thorpe’s first visit to the site with Robert Macfarlane, where the two rd Ness with Macfarlane where they ate lunch “beside bomb craters and destroyed buildings” in a place where “within living memory an Armageddon was being prepared”.

“For me, it’s Ness in summertime,” says Thorpe. “Full of the lightness and looseness of a blue afternoon. Musically speaking, it’s a riff on our experience of time. The interweaving polyrhythms and delays are a play on that.” 

The video, directed by Hayden Thorpe and Andy King and filmed at Orford Ness, can be found below.

1.     Merman  
2.     WTF Is That?  
3.     In The Green Chapel  
4.     It  
5.     Gull  
6.     He  
7.     Hagstone  
8.     She  
9.     Song Of The Bomb  
10.  They  
11.  V.  
12.  As  
13.  Closer Away 

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