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After ten years in Melbourne, over a decade living in an urban sprawl, Hayden Calnin had - quite simply - had enough.

Friendships had soured, relationships had collapsed, his flat was leaning in on him, while the traffic outside roared relentlessly both day and night.

Thankfully, he had a plan. Relocating to a tiny town on the coast, he now lives his life just walking distance from the beach.

It's as relaxed as he needs it to be, and it's caused his songwriting to blossom, and his ambitions to soar.

New EP 'A Life You Would Choose' opens this fresh chapter, and it opens - somewhat appropriately - with his farewell to city life, in the form of 'Fuck Collingwood'.

A four-piece miniature, it's nonetheless a potent break with his previous life, with Hayden seizing hold of new opportunities.

Clash has first play, alongside a full Track By Track written by Hayden Calnin himself...

'Fuck Collingwood'
'Fuck Collingwood' came about as an ode to my time living in the heart of the city for the last ten years. It was about the realisation that it was time to go and move out of the city and get away from it all.

'Warm With You'
'Warm With You' is all about escapism, and wanting to run away with someone to the middle of nowhere. That’s about as romantic as it gets I reckon.

'On Our Last Day'
For a while, I felt like I was standing in the way of someone and their growth. 'On Our Last Day' is a song about letting go of somebody for what you think at the time is all the right reasons. I wrote this one with friend and fellow artist, Dustin Tebbutt.

'Made Of Everything + Late'
I had a little set up at home in my laundry for when I needed to lay something down at home if I was away from my studio. Both these tracks came from late night experimentation with sounds and probably a few too many whiskeys.

Though not intended, they seemed to sit really well with the rest of the tracks off of the EP, so they stuck around.

- - -

Photo Credit: Al Parkinson

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