Has Plastician Just Uncovered A New Genre?

Check out his latest mix...

Plastician was there at the white heat of grime's initial explosion, he was there when dubstep's primordial ooze began seeping out of Croydon soundsystems – so when the producer points towards a fresh genre, ears should prick up.

The London selector pieced together a new mix that went online a few hours ago, and it's already causing a stir. Titled 'The Wave Pool' is seems to focus on the dubbed out end of trap – think shattered hip-hop beats, jagged basslines and plenty of atomised space.

But there's more – as Plastician points out, many of the tracks were built by prodigal producers, completely outwith club culture. So mistakes are adopted as style, in a near punk-like amateurism that results in what Plastician describes as "odd numbers of beats, and even intros with filter rises all the way to the drop".

The producer continues: "I put this mix together to highlight some of the amazing talents and tracks that I've managed to pick up mostly on Soundcloud or on Bandcamp. This is a truly independent movement far removed from the mainstream music moguls. It is music built in the purest of senses. I present this mix to you in hope of opening your ears to some of the most exciting producers I've come across sprawling Soundcloud on the hunt for raw talent."

Posting the mix online, Plastician asked: "Is this the birth of a legitimate genre of it's own? Did Soundcloud birth a genre?"

Pertinent questions. Tune in below.

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