The online assault begins...
Daft Punk

Streams purporting to be Daft Punk's new single 'Get Lucky' are sweeping across the web - but are fans getting the wrong end of the stick?

Sit down lil chillen and allow us ol' timers to indulge ourselves...

Way back when (2005 or thereabouts) Daft Punk released a much anticipated album by the name of 'Human After All'. So anticipated was this album, in fact, that fraudulent copies emerged online. Using all manner of equipment, eager onlookers replicated the French duo's sound but with much, much less inspiring results.

Amidst the morass, though, was a gem: 'Human After All' had indeed leaked, but most refused to believe it due to the nefarious activities of some unknown producers.

So has lightning struck twice? Daft Punk's new single 'Get Lucky' was unveiled via a video message at Coachella, and since then a number of files have been posted online purporting to be the full, official radio edit.

Of course, most are simply the soundtrack from the Coachella advert given a longer edit with basic software, but one has attracted rather more attention. Idolator points fans towards a Turkish soundcloud link, which has a different breakdown and extended sections which aren't present in that fateful festival ad.

So is this a well pieced together fake, or a genuine leak? Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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'Random Access Memories' is set to be released on May 20th.

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