Has AI Created A ‘Lost’ Oasis Album…?

There's more to AISIS than meets the eye...

The history of music is replete with ‘what ifs’. What if The Beatles had never taken on Allen Klein as manager? What if Buddy Holly had never gone on that fateful flight? And what if Oasis had never split up backstage at a Parisian festival?

The Mancunian band’s demise was soundtracked by the splintering of guitars and the most guttural of insults, with the brothers Gallagher embarking on mutually exclusive solo careers. Fans, though, still yearn for an Oasis re-union – just check out the latest round of conspiracy theories.

But here’s the latest ‘what if’…

What if AI holds the key to all this?

A group of tech boffins have inputed the very best Oasis tracks from their imperial age (1995 to 1997, let’s be honest) and cross-referenced this with indie tropes and production techniques from the 00s and beyond. The results are online now, a kind of unofficial ‘lost’ AI Oasis album that re-imagines the pathways that the Manchester icons could have undertaken.

Oasis, 1995

Curiously… it’s not half bad. Liam Gallagher’s voice retains the freshness of the ‘Definitely Maybe’ era, the production had the crunch of ‘Morning Glory’ while there’s also something unexpected in the mix, too.

Posted on Reddit, it’s quickly going viral. Says one fan: “this feels like exactly what Oasis could and should’ve sounded…”

And here’s another: “I can’t handle how good these are…”

No word yet from Liam or Noel Gallagher – or, indeed, the rest of the band – but AISIS seems to be making a massive impression on re-union starved fans. Of course, AI Oasis isn’t exactly the most moral method of creating art, and there are certainly arguments against it. Yet there’s also something to be said for the no-frills entertainment offered by a glimpse at what could have been for Oasis in a different timeline.

Check out ‘The Lost Tapes’ below.

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