It's an earnest, soaring, indie rock hymn...
Happy Abandon

Happy Abandon formed while studying at the University of North Carolina, three musicians brought together by shared ideals.

Since then, they've constantly pushed one another, with their uniquely heartfelt songwriting betraying an enormous amount of honesty.

New album 'Facepaint' arrives on August 25th, and musically it could be Happy Abandon's most confident album yet.

Conversely, the lyrics cut deeper than ever. Peter Vance explains: “If the album were to have a subject, it would be the relationship a person has to loss and loneliness, which can manifest itself through breakups, homelessness, familial abandonment, and death”.

Clash is able to share new track 'Heavy Lines', a bewitching, emotive song that only reveals its depths over several listens.

So get stuck in, below.

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