Hannah Peel Teams With Paraorchestra For New Album

'The Unfolding' will be released on April 1st...

Hannah Peel & Paraorchestra with Charles Hazlewood combine on new work 'The Unfolding'.

Hannah Peel released her wonderful album 'Fir Wave' earlier this year, gaining a Mercury nomination in the process.

For her next project, the Northern Irish composer revisits a long-standing association, working on a long-form endeavour with Paraorchestra.

Eight-part collaboration 'The Unfolding' was recorded in snippets of time during the pandemic, with the musicians utilising the famed Real World studios.

Hannah Peel wanted to embrace organic instrumentation, commenting:

"'The Unfolding' is almost a life form in itself taken from the muddy cells of the earth and taking flight into the air then returning to the elements. It’s like a character in itself. It’s a new way of seeing."

Set to be released on April 1st, you can pre-order 'The Unfolding' HERE.

Check out a trailer for the project below.

Photo Credit: York Tillyer

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