Hank’s ‘Angel Says’ Asks Key Questions

It's a song that refuses to move in a straight line...

London four-piece Hank make their debut with ‘Angel Says’.

The band have already caused a buzz in the city’s close-knit music scene, with last year’s ultra-raw home demo ‘3/4’ later being plucked for the latest Slow Dance compilation.

Snapped up by tastemaker imprint Dalliance Recordings, debut single ‘Angel Says’ is, we suppose, the point where it all gets real. Pleasingly, Hank are making a statement by refusing to hem in their ideas – a song that moves from post-punk experimentation to the raucous noise heavy of my bloody valentine, it posits the band as hardcore members of the awkward squad.

Recorded alongside Jamie Neville at Teeth Studios in South East London, sessions saw a couple of friends drop by – yep, your ears aren’t deceiving you, that’s Asha Lorenz (Sorry) and Ben Romans Hopcraft (Warmduscher / Childhood) in the background.

An interesting piece of music that thrills with its sense of sonic attack, ‘Angel Says’ refuses to become over-complicated, in spite of the innate difficulties in overlaying different styles.

Hank comment…

‘Angel Says’ centres on power dynamics that inevitably arise in relationships. We wanted to give it a dance feel, feeling inspired by listening to The Happy Mondays, Beck, and Liquid Liquid, so used repetitive vocals, bass lines and drums as its foundation, swirling everything else on top. W

e also wanted to try and create a wall of sound at points, really inspired by the way My Bloody Valentine hit you in the face with their guitars, so we experimented with different layers, pedals, drills and other bits.

It was great having Ben and Asha to collaborate with too. I love what they both do with their own projects. ‘Angel Says’ is a demo that we’ve had for a while, co-written and although I have always loved the track, having their ears on it and them then help us add the breakdown after the second verse really helped to solidify it and take it to a really great place. Asha is a wiz at creating weird little sounds and bits that pop in and out too, hearing melodies that others might not.

Sal Redpath directs the surreal, tongue-in-cheek video – tune in now.

Photo Credit: Beth Knight

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