Hak Baker Launches New Album ‘Worlds End FM’

New single 'Windrush Baby' is online now...

Hak Baker will release new album ‘Worlds End FM’ on June 9th.

The East London wordsmith is a long-time Clash favourite, someone with the courage to speak truth to his audience. New album ‘Worlds End FM’ is his boldest, broadest document yet, constructed with a varying cast of guests but driven forwards by that one, singular voice.

‘Worlds End FM’ is the sound of Hak opening up, discussing the communities that allowed him to rise, and the experiences he has had along the way. Out on June 9th, it features studio assistance from Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey, Shrink and Misfits producer Ali Bla Bla, moving from post-punk to roots reggae via acoustic laments.

Opening his account with ‘Telephones 4 Eyes’, new single ‘Windrush Baby’ is a salute to Black joy, and the experience of community. A homage to inter-generational unity, it nods to roots reggae while remaining channelled through Hak Baker’s distinctive creative lens.

Hak comments…

Windrush affected people in a multitude of ways. Broken families, broken trust and broken bonds, bonds that were falsely sold to us by the ‘Empire’. I, on the other hand, living through the generational consequences of these mishaps, have managed to manifest joy from these times.

The hardened shell passed down by my mother, enabled me to live my life fearlessly, seeking fun and learning harsh life lessons at every instance. To be a child of such treachery can only be an advantage and a superpower. The Windrush Baby can never be broken. We are the offspring of the resilient.

A song that embodies the resilience that spawned it, ‘Windrush Baby’ comes backed with a live clip shot in front of an invited audience down Hak’s local pub.

Tune in now.

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