Hak Baker Announces New Project ‘Nostalgia Death Act I’

Watch the video for lead single 'LUVLY'...

East London artist Hak Baker ushers in a new era with a new EP, ‘Nostalgia Death Act I’, out July 12th via AWAL Recordings.

The release comes after Hak’s acclaimed full-length Worlds End FM‘ released last year, a searing chronicle of a world on the brink of destruction soundtracked through sound system and punk anthemics. On ‘Nostalgia Death’, Hak is stepping out of the “inferno”, looking his vices in the face and attempting the work of breaking generational and personal curses.

With the EP announce comes lead single ‘LUVLY’, a spirited, sprightly number exploring how a lack of self-love impedes your ability to love and connect with another soul. The accompanying video is co-directed by Broken Antenna and Hak, and stars Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Geoff Bell, documenting Hak’s origin story on the Isle of Dogs.

Of the release Hak says: “Love is ‘LUVLY’. It’s what we all want. It makes the world rotate. However, for some, it isn’t available. Like Wifi under a tunnel, it’s just not reachable. My reason is my past and the tease of love. I yearned for it from my family but didn’t receive it in the way I wanted it. I saw it portrayed in movies, books or in person when I saw nuclear families at school, or when I went to my friend’s houses. But, if you hate yourself and are on constant missions to hurt yourself, how can you be in receipt of love? Until I put this frown upside down, until I rewrite this circuitry, haphazardness and sabotage, then there will be no love. Tongue rung through teeth.. that suits me, Luvly. It doesn’t, but this is what this forthcoming project is about: the purge of one’s old self. I do feel it’s high time for change. Initiating it is the difficulty. One day.

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