George Levings to continue as solo artist

Drum 'n' bass duo Commix have been reduced to one, with George Levings to continue as a solo artist.

It's a bit of a mis-apprehension that drum 'n' bass has been in the creative doldrums for the past decade. Sure, the scene has spawned more than its fair share of stunted monsters, but out on the fringes innovation still reigns.

Commix began life as a trio, before Conrad Whittle departed. Continuing life as a duo, the group released some inspiring material on seminal labels such as Hospital and Metalheadz.

Now the group have been reduced to just one member. FACT point fans towards a Tweet from Guy Brewer, who confirmed that he plans to leave Commix and commence work on a solo career.

"Sooo.. Just played Fabric. To anyone who came along, that was my last ever set as Commix" the producer wrote. "From now on George will be carrying on solo".

With commiserations flooding in, the producer then wrote: "Thanks all, the last 8+ years have been amazing.. But time to move on to fresh pastures. Farewell! X"

Launching a new Twitter account to focus on his solo output, Guy Brewer then wrote: "Thanks so much to everyone for your kind comments re: my departure from Commix. Expect great things from @g_cmx in the near future."

Follow Guy Brewer's solo career HERE.

Here's 'Call To Mind'.


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