To be recorded in Texas

Grizzly Bear are set to record the follow up to 'Veckatimest' in Texas later this year.

Superb songwriters, Grizzly Bear seemed destined to remain out of the mainstream, the property of a privileged few. However with the release of 2009 album 'Veckatimest' all that changed.

Far too good to remain hidden away, 'Veckatimest' was quite the game changer. Launching Grizzly Bear towards the mainstream, the American group took it all in their stride.

Touring across the world, the band took a short break last year before beginning writing sessions for potential new material. Now a Facebook posting contains the news fans are desperate to hear:

"Towards the end of this month we head to Texas and continue writing new songs and begin recording new album!"

As simple as that. No timescale has been mentioned, and no producer has been confirmed as overseeing the sessions.

Speaking to HitFix late last year, singer Ed Droste confirmed that Grizzly Bear were looking to push ahead with new material. We’ll start writing after Christmas,” he said. “We just finished our last show in October. We thought maybe we can pretend we’re not in a band for three months and hopefully not be in a bus or a plane.”

Continuing, the songwriter confirmed that the band will “start dipping our toes into a writing process and see where that takes us. We want everything to just happen.”

'Veckatimest' was an emotive collective of songs which dealt with the decline of a relationship. This time round, Ed Droste refused to be drawn on a possible theme for the new album.

“We’re really not like theme album people,” he says. “It’s not going to be some overarching political message. It’s going to be songs of the heart. That’s what we do.”

Grizzly Bear released new music last year, adding unreleased material to the soundtrack of 'Blue Valentine'.

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