Warning: contains puppies

Grimes has posted her tour rider online - and it contains puppies.

Grimes is a law unto herself. The Canadian producer takes her cue from visual art, while her material is often strikingly personal.

Yet she clearly knows how to unwind. Grimes posted a link to her tour rider a few moments ago, offering the following explanation:

"i dunno if anyone cares about this stuff but im like obsessed with reading other peoples riders lol, so if ur anything like me perhaps this is of interest to you."

In short: the backstage area must be eco-friendly, while Grimes should also have a cute dog to play with. The rider includes a request for "one cute bulldog, french bulldog, pug or pomeranian (or other cute animal, such as a chinchilla or a pekanese) to visit and hang out but who gets to leave before too much loud noise is heard so that he or she does not hurt their ears. It is important that if said animal visits, they have a safe home to return to. lol."

Read the full document HERE.

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