Greentea Peng Shares New ‘SENGSATION’ Short Film

Her debut album 'MAN MADE' is out now...

Greentea Peng has shared her new 'SENGSATION' short film.

The London vocalist made a splash with her debut album 'MAN MADE', an extraordinary, multi-faceted song cycle.

Astral soul music that dips into inner emotional plateaus, with Clash opining:

"Aligning herself to one of the greats, Greentea Peng seems to implicitly suggest that such gravitas should be afforded to her own artistry – with such evident excellence as this, it’s only right that she be granted the dignity her art sorely deserves."

New short film 'SENGSATION' offers further exploration of her creative universe, a dazzling, colour-soaked film the illuminates her world.

Matching animated effects to up-close footage, the Melody Maker directed film adds further nuance to her work.

Tune in now.

'MAD MADE' is out now.

Photo Credit: Stefy Pocket

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