Greentea Peng Finds Expression With ‘Look To Him’

A gorgeous neo-soul ballad soaked in spirituality...

Greentea Peng has shared her gorgeous new song ‘Look To Him’.

The songwriter is building on the emphatic creativity of her debut (double) album, and that recently stellar slot at Glastonbury. The heatwave was prime time to absorb her ‘luxe neo-soul vibes, with singles like ‘Your Mind’ and ‘Stuck In The Middle’ allowing her to advance with no small degree of patience.

New single ‘Look To Him’ drops the tempo and focusses on her gorgeous voice, with Greentea Peng oozing expression on this billowing, majestic track. A song that hones in on the impact of her ideals – we can hear everyone from Aretha to Erykah in here – there’s also something uniquely London about her stark expression.

As ever with Greentea Peng she takes things a little deeper, and there’s a spiritual quality to her lyric. As she puts it…

“‘Look To Him’ explores the idea of originality and the notion of tapping into source energy for creativity and inspiration rather than just searching for it amongst your peers and surroundings. At the same time, it challenges the idea that anything is truly original as nothing is truly our own rather seeped into us from a Higher Power and thus channelled from God him/herself.”

Tap in below.

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