Grandmas House Surge Back With ‘Desire’

A new EP is incoming, too...

Bristolian trio Grandmas House are back again with another dose of supersonic punk, ‘Desire’ being their first single of 2023. Grandmas House have been making one hell of a racket since debut single ‘Devil’s Advocate’ back in 2020, and they’ve shown absolutely no signs of stopping. This single is no different.

Rather than going straight for the throat, ‘Desire’ is a brooding moment for the band, playing into the Pixies’ ‘loud-quiet’ approach; softer verses, before bursting into a frenetic chorus in classic Grandmas House style. Tonally, the guitars emit a more garage rock energy; think Dave Davies (or Ray Davies) hacking up their guitar speaker with a blade. The result is angular, jagged and broken, complimented expertly by aggressive picking, the guitar feeling like more of a release than just an instrument. Coming in at just under two minutes, once again this raucous trio show their knack for cutting to the chase. Their unadulterated, unfiltered and no-frills response to modern punk is refreshing, their sonic creations head-on and to the point. The grit and rawness of the vocals throughout ‘Desire’ is visceral and brutal, exploding into deafening shouts and screams through the choruses.

As per usual, Grandmas House have shown that they are a force to be reckoned with in the punk scene. They’ve already proved themselves as one of Bristol’s most exciting bands, and with tracks like ‘Desire’ it won’t be long until they prove it to the rest of the world too.

Tune in now.

Grandmas House will release new EP ‘Who Am I’ on March 3rd.

Words: James Mellen

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