Jamie Hewlett dissects those rumours

Gorillaz illustrator Jamie Hewlett has opened up to ClashMusic about recent film rumours.

An enormously successful pop group, Gorillaz match hit singles with engrossing animation. Returning with 'Plastic Beach' each promotional video flowed into one another, creating an overall story arc.

The success of the project sparked rumours of a potential movie, with fans expectations soaring. However Gorillaz have refused to comment on the speculation, focussing on their music.

Now Jamie Hewlett has opened up to ClashMusic. The illustrator was famously part of the creative team which birthed 'Tank Girl' and watched in horror as the graphic novel was torn apart on the silver screen.

Perhaps this explains his reticence to take Gorillaz to Hollywood. "Of course, when Gorillaz is around and in the public eye we get a lot of people phoning up and wanting to talk about making films and ‘come to LA and hang out’ but often it’s a waste of time and a waste of your efforts because you spend months talking to people who don’t really understand what you’re about and they’ve only phoned you up because they’ve heard what you do is pretty cool" he explained.

"They don’t really get it and they’re just wasting your time so I tend to not bother. I think the videos are supposed to be our version of a film whereby the videos all led on from one another and every link on the website was part of the storyline."

Continuing, Jamie Hewlett insisted that Gorillaz would need a super rich maverick to get behind the project, while admitting that this was unlikely to happen.

"What we need is some really, really, really wealthy guy with so much money he doesn’t know what to do with it (any Howard Hughes characters please step forward) and would like an executive producer credit and that’s it, then I can do what I want and we’d be laughing, we’d make a really amazing film. But that’s never gonna happen."

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