Goodnight Louisa’s ‘Diana’ Re-Appraises The Princess

“I wanted it to be quite sweet and timeless, and I wanted it to be really brutal...”

Edinburgh songwriter Goodnight Louisa has shared her beautiful new song 'Diana'.

The song was spurred on by a dream, in which the titular Princess visited the musician in her sleep.

As she puts it: “When I was ill, I had a really strange dream where she came into my bedroom and said: 'you've got to save the world, even if it kills you'…”

The dappled electronics are coloured by her beatific vocal, an ethereal incantation that transposes the Greek goddess of the hunt as someone who in turn became hunted.

"I'm sorry Diana," is the repeated refrain, with Goodnight Louisa wishing to explore the haunted legacy of Diana Spencer. She says:

“I wanted it to be quite sweet and timeless, and I wanted it to be really brutal. I think what happened to her in the lead up to death was one of the worst things that's ever happened to anyone, and I don't think it would have happened to a man. It was to do with ideas of her being 'pure' and all this weird stuff that came along with that. It shows you what people really wanted at that time, and I find it quite unsettling.”

A full video has been shot alongside film maker Harry Clark, with the two venturing to the Scottish Highlands. Goodnight Louisa explains: "Shot on 8mm by Harry Clark, we ventured up a Graham in Glencoe with a ridiculously heavy camera and myself not equipped for hiking in Doc Martens and a boiler suit. We wanted to capture the otherworldliness and timelessness of the Scottish Highlands."

Tune in now.

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