Hugely experienced group recall their tour memories...
Young Legionnaire

The cast alone should grab your attention.

Young Legionnaire feature former Yourcodenameis:milo frontman Paul Mullen, ex-Bloc Party bassist Gordon Moakes and Dean Pearson on drums, and between them they've worked on countless great - and even some genuinely classic - records.

New album 'Zero Worship' arrives shortly, and it finds the group truly gelling, with their different histories, tastes, and techniques merging into one unique entity.

Duly enraptured, Clash invited Gordon and Paul to discuss life on the road...

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Best Trip…
Gordon: Most eye-opening trip I ever did was a two-and-a-half day drive from Vancouver to Minneapolis in 2005. It was pretty intense but as we went along we start to enjoy the endurance of it somewhat. There was a blizzard, we got a trailer stuck in a drive-thru, but overall there was something kind of inspiring about the whole experience.

Paul: Supporting Les Savy Fav around UK and Europe. My bands have taken me to some crazy places. Like Delhi, India. Reykjavik, Iceland. Monroe, Louisiana. But to see one of your favourite bands play night in, night out was truly ace in the face. They even played 'Hold On To Your Genre' (a YL favourite) for us in Birmingham. Then Tim Harrington fell off the stage and we nearly had to cancel the rest of the tour. But they didn't. We played more shows and they were brilliant.

Worst Trip…
Gordon: The worst band trip I can think of was driving to Birmingham from London for a support slot. There was a massive snarl-up on the M1 and it took seven hours. Doors were already open when got there so we had to load straight onto stage in front of the crowd and then as soon as we'd set-up, play. Then pack down. Plus, the main band's tech shouted at me. Prick.

Paul: The story Gordon mentioned. Nightmare.

Our favourite foreign venue…
Gordon: I think the best foreign venue we've played in Young Legionnaire is the Vera in Groningen. Lovely place, very accommodating. Paul: Nothing comes close. A music venue, ran by music lovers. An absolute joy to play.

We're surprisingly popular in…
Gordon: Figure-hugging tank tops. Paul: Toddington services.

Best or worst exotic foodstuff…
Gordon: I ate horse sushi once. I'm not sure it counts as either.

Paul: Best, curry in Delhi. All of them. Completely spoilt any curry I have back in the UK now.

Most interesting individual you've met on the road…
Gordon: One of my favourite humans is Kevin Drew from Broken Social Scene. Such a warm character, piercing blue eyes, and compelling logic. A real sweetheart.

Paul: A wonderful chap called Michael. He's American but now resides in Zurich as a stage tech and roadie. Moved over for a girl. 'Oh you know, same old story. Guy meets girl, guy moves half way across the world.' He's about 6'5" and has one hell of a barnet on him. Went above and beyond when we played there. The most helpful and happy roadie I've met in my life. I hope he's doing well. I should also point out that he sounded exactly like Michael Jackson.

Worst on-tour injury, or infection, or accident…
Gordon: I've stayed pretty healthy on tour. The odd laceration here and there. Dean's the king of unplanned self-harm. You name it: he's broken, severed, concussed, dislocated, or ruptured it.

Paul: I've been pretty good on tour. We had a blow out on a sleeper bus on the motorway. Pretty hairy. Our van nearly got rammed in a field by a truck carrying Oasis' stage. The only time I've had to cancel a tour was when I came done with a hell of a fever. Had to see a specialist. Was in bed for three days. Couldn't move. Dean likes to get injured just before a tour. Normally his feet or his hands. Which is fine because he's a drummer.

My essential travel item…
Gordon: Ear-plugs. And a jumper for the plane.

Paul: A box-set. The Wire, Twin Peaks, Breaking Bad. Standard stuff really but on tour is the only chance I get to binge watch.

My essential travel tip...
Gordon: To quote the Fall's 'The Remixer', "Whenever you leave your hotel, please leave your room."

Paul: Have a great tour manager.

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Young Legionnaire's 'Zero Worship' will be released on November 25th.

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