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Gold Panda

Let's be honest: it's been a tough 14 days.

The close of the EU referendum campaign witnessed a political killing on British soil, and then finally broke the UK's relationship with Europe.

Political chaos has followed, with today's publication of the Chilcot Report - long-awaited, though it may be - only fuelling the atmosphere of discontent.

So Gold Panda's new EP 'Kingdom' certainly has an intense context. Placed on BandCamp, the material was seemingly inspired by the referendum, and by those darker feelings coming to the surface.

The producer explains: "It was made after talking to a neighbour who moved his family from Afghanistan to the UK. He ordered a phone off Amazon so he could call home, but the delivery driver signed for it and kept it. I thought this was a pretty shitty welcome. I made a couple of less happy songs that are very very loosely based around that and my brexit fears, which were sadly confirmed."

Tune in now.

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