Gold Panda Announces New Album ‘The Work’

It's out on November 11th...

Gold Panda will release new album ‘The Work’ on November 11th.

The producer’s first album in six years, ‘The Work’ comes amid a series of personal changes in his life. Gold Panda now embraces sobriety, has entered therapy to focus on self-improvement, and has become a father for the first time.

‘The Work’ then, is a title that ties itself explicitly to his own life. Gold Panda comments:

“The work is something that’s used in my therapy a lot, and I hear it a lot in self-care and books about mental health – the work on yourself basically. Which I’ve done with therapy, running, pilates and an osteopath…”

Discussing the past few years, he adds that his focus has been on “self care and trying to put the work in on myself to see where I’m going wrong and why I might be depressed.” 

Also he adds “when my first daughter was born I found that transition really hard from not being the only person to look after – just taking caring of myself, not having time to do anything and managing my time, so I had to work on that too: there are loads of things the work can be about.”

New track ‘The Corner’ leads the way, a supple piece of electronics with Gold Panda’s trademark melancholy drifting through it. The video was shot in Berlin by film maker Lenny Rothenberg, and stars Noa Moffat.

Gold Panda comments…

 “A number of years back a friend of mine gave me a record by Dean Friedman, I’d been watching The Wire and when I heard the line in ‘Lydia’ I had to loop it up and mess with it. I tried to make it into a beat for some rappers but I could never get it right.”

“When making this album I found the sample again, I had a new way of recording so starting from scratch it all came together. When I made ‘Lucky Shiner’ people used to rap over those tracks and stick them on SoundCloud etc so I’m hoping this will inspire people to do it again.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Laura Lewis 

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