Gold Lake’s ‘Traveller’ Has A Hypnotic Quality

It features on new album 'Weightless'...

Songwriting duo Gold Lake return with new song ‘Traveller’.

The Madrid natives have been based in Brooklyn for a while now, immersing themselves in the area’s creative communities. Allowing their batteries to re-charge, Gold Lake recently sealed off work on their new album – the band’s first in a decade.

Second album ‘Weightless’ will be released on October 20th, co-produced by two indie rock luminaries – Aaron Dessner (The National) and Chris Taylor (Grizzly Bear).

New song ‘Traveller’ seems to slow down the pace of time, its carefully etched structure designed as a vessel for hope. Softly poetic, ‘Traveller’ has an alluring quality, showcasing Gold Lake at their most potent.

“Its hypnotic pull lures you into a trance, a journey, to become a traveller, like the narrator,” say the duo. “This song tries to express the idea of living life with hope, of moving forward, finding new horizons, original thought (the core concept of the entire album), and being able to share it with someone/humanity.”

They continue, “this song had a slightly different sound and cadence when we took it to Long Pond to work on it with Aaron Dessner. He was the one who transported it to the piano, instead of the focal point being on the guitar, thus giving the guitar the possibility of opening up and creating other spaces and textures, with somewhat more industrial sounds for the beginning, and a New Wave-y feel in the choruses. Aaron helped us elevate it to a sonic dream-like plane, futuristic in its atmospheric hues. Then with Chris Bear on drums, and Chris Taylor on bass they were able to give it a deeper-end base, and an earthly, city contrast, to create that spacious world in which the song lives.”

Out now, the video for ‘Traveller’ is a kind of ad hoc visual diary, incorporating their travels, those recording sessions, and more.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Nicole Mago

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