As the duo continue their extra-planetary evolution...
The Orb

The Orb never sit still.

Sure, they may be slow-moving - they're not ambient pioneers for nothing - but The Orb as an entity is always in motion.

New album 'COW / Chill Out, World!' is out now via Kompakt, and acts as something of a renewal for the project.

Featuring contributions from Youth and Roger Eno, the material is billed as being "off the cuff" - crafted in the spur of the moment.

With that in mind, the London premiere of new documentary Lunar Orbit: The Orb couldn't come at a better time.

Showing at Picturehouse Central on November 11th, it's a unique glimpse into the group's creative endeavours.

The film boasts unprecedented access, showcasing The Orb as they create their 'Moonbuilding 2703AD' full length.

Showing as part of the Doc 'N' Roll festival, Clash has obtained a new clip from Lunar Orbit - tune in now.

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