It's his titanic new Sinjin Hawke link up...

DJ Lag is one of the pivotal figures in the evolution of South African electronic music.

Arguably one of gqom's defining figures, his sound traversed the continent, garnering international acclaim.

New album 'Meeting With The King' is out on February 18th, and it's led by bruising new club-focussed workout 'Raptor'.

A pivotal Sinjin Hawke link up, it's bruising energy comes shrouded in an enigmatic sense of darkness.

Barbed electronics, 'Raptor' is brought to life by a creative team spearheaded by Travys Owen.

The sharply defined palette mirrors the potent minimalism of DJ Lag's electronics, its use of colour both restrained and intense.

Travys Owen comments: "It’s been so amazing working with Lag and Black Major through the years, it's been a beautiful process filled with trust and collaborative energy! For me it is the perfect formula and we always come out with the best imagery. Creating pictures and content with Lag always feels effortless and the imagery that comes from these sessions always speaks for itself."

"This was a very similar formula for the video. A huge collaborative energy brought by every individual to set with a single idea to capture the energy and enthusiasm through movement of each and everyone starring in the video. I really wanted the video to capture the energy of the song and everyone brought that energy in a big way. It’s all about energy with Lag and Manthe being the protagonists of this movement montage..."

DJ Lag adds: "Manthe Ribane, who is featured on the video, and Travys Owen, the director, are like family to me. Both bring high aesthetic and A game to everything they do. I also really enjoyed the mosh pit scene because everyone who was in it just let go and brought the energy of the song to the shots. All around a great experience that did works so well for the collaboration on 'Raptor' the collabo with Sinjin Hawke."

Tune in now.

BTS Videography by @eleventwenty8_
BTS Photography @Thekiso_Mokhele
Casting Director @Thekiso_Mokhele
Lighting @Thekiso_Mokhele & @xandra_xvndrv & @eleventwenty8_
Mosh Pit Crew @Thekiso_Mokhele @Austine_Creative @xtra.sour.cream @lordzekhukheswa @valley_bxy @asavela.lizalise @xandra_xvndrv @rebellious_lano99 @father_trill

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