GNOOMES Have Remixed Cavern Of Anti-Matter

'Pantechnicon' gets a radical re-work...

The international psychedelic underground seems to draw parallel souls into neat conjuncture.

Last year Russian shoegaze group GNOOMES set off on a European tour, eventually winding their way to the Caledonian leylines that ripple through Glasgow.

Sharing a bill with Cavern Of Anti-Matter the two groups quickly hit it off, and vowed to keep in touch.

GNOOMES are currently at work on their second album, but have taken time out to remix their one-time touring comrades.

'Pantechnicon' gets an inspired, extra-dimensional re-work, a fractured piece of fuzzed out psych that rumbles towards epic climes. GNOOMES say:

We’d heard Void Beats / Invocation Trex exactly the day when it was released and 'Panthecnicon' it became one of our favourites on the first listen. Later we went touring over Italy and this very track was the great soundtrack of our journey, riding from Italy to France along the French Rivera and listening to this song. Its repetitive structure and harmonies were a kind of audial picturesque additions to the most beautiful landscapes we’d ever seen. It seemed that our trip would never end and maybe that euphoria brought us a wish to make a remix of this song, to give our vision of it.

Tune in below.

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