GLOK Shares Hypnotic New Track ‘Closer’

Dive into the lysergic visuals...

GLOK returns with new track 'Closer'.

The project is a vessel for Andy Bell's electronic dalliances, building into a shadow solo catalogue for the Ride guitarist.

Perhaps better known for conjuring waves of emphatic sound from his pedal board, the guitarist is also fascinated by the possibilities of electronic production.

Elements of his past work shine through, however; as he puts it, “GLOK is all about the push and pull between electronic and psych in my music.”

New album 'Pattern Recognition' is out on October 1st, released through Ransom Note Records’ sister label Bytes.

We're able to share new track 'Closer' and its cyclical, tightly wound undulations dips into rave's primordial DNA.

Citing key deep house text 'Amnesia' – constructed by Larry Heard under his Mr Fingers guise – it's given a home-made feel that carries some deeply English overtones.

GLOK explains: "I like the bedroom production, homemade aspect of that album, it’s a thread that runs through the early A Guy Called Gerald stuff too. ‘Closer’ is influenced by the production of ‘Washing Machine’, with the delays and the fairly simple collection of elements."

"The title ‘Closer’ is a shortened version of ‘Closer To The Source’, which itself was modified from an earlier title ‘Source 101’. This was the original name for the track, so called because every sound on it was generated with a Roland SH 101 synth – the kick, snare, heat, bass and synth melody parts and FX all came from the Roland. It was just an experiment and for a while I wanted to stick to this rule, but ended up throwing that out of the window."

Stream-lining these influences into a potent electronic structure, 'Closer' comes equipped with visuals that utilise distorted effects to linger on the lysergic.

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Andree Martis

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