James Allen goes AWOL

Scottish indie stars Glasvegas have revealed that singer James Allen has gone missing on the eve of a North American tour.

Glasvegas broke through last year with their debut album. Blending Spector-esque harmonies with pounding drums the band's unflinchingly brutal take on rock 'n' roll won them a diehard fanbase.

With their gritty lyrics and slicked back hair the band stormed into the charts, their self-titled debut album doing battle with Metallica for a chance at number one.

Since then the group have toured heavily, most recently playing a secret show in their hometown of Glasgow. Performing a stripped down set in a local vintage clothes store the band seemed on good form.

However since then Glasvegas seem to have mis-placed their frontman. James Allen was absent from last night's Mercury Music Prize ceremony, with the band admitting that they don't actually know where he is.

"We did a festival in Italy and came back and the last I've seen of him was at the airport," guitarist Rab Allan told NME.

"I got told today he's ill. Missing in action? Yeah something like that."

In an interview with Scottish red top The Daily Record the guitarist explained that the singer's family were beginning to worry. "His mum hasn't heard from him but we have told her not to worry. Everyone is panicking. We don't know if he's going to come to the gigs. We'll have to wait and see," Rab Allan said.

He added: "The last we heard of him was after we got off the plane on Friday. I emailed him but he didn't reply. He is probably away with a woman, knowing James. We don't think he's in Glasgow."

"Our manager is in Glasgow and he hasn't heard from him. We thought he would turn up at the Mercury Prize at the last minute. I miss him. The message is: James please get in touch."

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