After upsetting his family

Glasvegas singer James Allan has revealed that he has stopped using cocaine.

Glasvegas always seemed out of control. The Scottish group had an edge that many new bands lack, giving their shows an unpredictable, dangerous nature. However in 2009 that habit spiralled out of control.

Singer James Allan went missing, with Glasvegas set to attend the Mercury Music Prize. Later revealing that he had suffered an overdose, the frontman spoke with his family and decided to cool his lifestyle.

"My mum was going to kill me" he told Scottish tabloid The Daily Record. "I had to speak to her about the way I'd been living. Only after that could things move forwards."

"Rock n'roll and selling records are not worth it for me if my mum's upset. She comes before anything, rock n'roll included. So I don't take cocaine now. Even the thought of anything going up my nose makes me sick."

Glasvegas are set for a busy summer, which began with a performance at RockNess last weekend. Dressed in white, James Allan led the crowd through material from their two studio albums.

Returning to his hometown, the singer now apparently resides in a five star hotel. "When I come back to Glasgow, I live in a hotel full-time. It is a bizarre existence, but the good thing is I don't allow myself to be deceived into living any kind of normal existence" he said.

"I'm glad things are uncivilized. To be civilized and to do something tranquil is something that is not welcome. It would interfere with the music."

Glasvegas have confirmed a host of festival appearances, including a slot at Glastonbury. Elsewhere, the band will perform at V Festival and Latitude.

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