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Girl Talk has released his new full length sample epic as a free download from his official website.

Real name Gregg Gillis, Girl Talk is a phenomenon. Most DJs use a mash up or two, uniting two completely unrelated tracks to get a reaction from even the most stubborn of dancefloors. However Girl Talk uses hundreds of tracks, merged together in a complex mosaic.

Becoming a cult hero, Girl Talk's numerous mixes have spawned legions of imitators. Touring across the world, Gregg Gillis recently promised to release a new full length mix before the year was out.

Speaking to Pitchfork, Girl Talk revealed that he feels his work has already had an impact. Outlining his feelings on copyright issues, the DJ argued that early album 'Feed The Animals' simply isn't groundbreaking anymore.

"The issue still stands, I think. But, when 'Night Ripper' came out, the idea of an unsolicited remix was foreign to a lot of people. Like, "This guy just chose to remix these pop songs and no one asked him to?" Whereas now 10-year-old kids in grade school are probably remixing their Justin Bieber CDs and uploading them to YouTube" he argued.

"People are so used to these fan videos and response videos. So much media content now is based upon previously existing media. Something like Night Ripper probably isn't radical to kids in high school now."

Signed to Illegal Art, Girl Talk has completed work on his latest album. 'All Day' is available now, and in a new twist the DJ has made the LP available as a free download.

Available right now, Girl Talk has cut the mix down into separate tracks. Writing a short statement, the label said: "'All Day' is intended to be listened to as a whole.
It is broken up into individual tracks only for easier navigation."

"This album is a free download.
Girl Talk thanks all artists sampled. A full list will be posted in the future."

Click HERE to grab the album!


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