Giora Makes A Momentous Return With ‘Enter Eden’

The opening track of their full-length project ‘It’s So Quiet But I Hear You’, released via Holypop

Giora has returned with their brand new single ‘Enter Eden’, released via Holypop.

Written two years ago, the track is momentous pulser from the DIY-artist. From start to finish, Giora seamlessly navigates between classical elements and club-tinged futurism, piecing together a magnetic production that ebbs and flows. Lyrically, the autonomous force truly strikes, asserting their strength across a soaring hook – “My body, it’s for me, can’t touch me…”

Serving as an introduction to Giora’s latest album ‘It’s So Quiet But I Hear You’, the track makes a new chapter, one of new beginnings. Made up of 10 distinct tracks, the project’s creative process gave the artist space to steer their own sound, able to write, produce and mix their material in its entirety.

Since making their entrance with 2020’s debut EP ‘Safe In The Dark’, the artist has developed an ethereal, alternative universe. With a background in piano, Giora places the instrument at the heart of everything that they do, contrasting different styles and textures against pure, fluttering keys.

To celebrate the release of ‘It’s So Quiet But I Hear You,’ Giora will host an intimate show on December 6th at The Glory, London.

Speaking on the project, the artist details: “The album is my moment to leave the past behind and set the stage for something new, in it I wanted to conclude my grief, write hymns to the past, challenge existing mythologies, narratives and truths that formed reality, and in the silence I connected with higher truths that are devoid of the stories that have been used to deliver them. This album documents the journey of change, it is an ending and a beginning, a death and a rebirth—I experience time as a non-linear, malleable thing, because change is time. And with time being infinite, so is change. Let it be positive change.”

Tune in now.

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