Ginger Root Announces New Album ‘Shinbangumi’

It's out on September 13th...

Ginger Root will release new album ‘Shinbangumi’ on September 13th.

The SoCal artist has perfected a unique sound, a kind of glossy, electronic pop daydream that recalls Japanese City Pop, and its Western counterparts. An approach he labels “aggressive elevator soul”, it’s brought Ginger Root cult stardom, selling out London’s EartH venue late last year without breaking a sweat.

Real name Cameron Lew, new album ‘Shinbangumi’ promises to be something special. His third album, it finds Ginger Root working with a palpable sense of confidence.

Take new single ‘No Problems’. Opting to work without preconceptions, he somehow stumbled across a track that unlocks “exactly what Ginger Root should sound and feel like…”

Cute, whimsical, and oddly affecting, the creative synthesis at work in ‘No Problems’ epitomises his innate creativity. Ginger Root adds: “In terms of instrumentation and musicality, it’s the first time that I felt very confident and comfortable with what everything should be comprised of. On the more personal side, I’m coming out of the last four years of writing, touring, and living as a different person; ‘SHINBANGUMI’ is a platform to showcase my new self.” 

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Cameron Lew

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