It's his first full length since 2013...

Giggs is set to release new album 'Landlord' on August 5th.

The rapper is one of the finest in the game, blending elements of grime and UK hip-hop to make something that is truly his own sound.

Yet Giggs hasn't released a full length album since 2013. All that will change, though, this summer when new LP 'Landlord' drops on August 5th.

Guests include Stormzy, Dubz and Donae’o, with Giggs set to unveil fresh material at his Lovebox slot today (July 15th).

'Landlord' will be released on August 5th. Tracklisting:

1. Intro
2. The Blow Back ft. Stormzy & Dubz
3. Whippin’ Excursion
4. Just Swervin’
5. The Process
6. Lock Doh ft. Donae’o
7. The Best ft. Amstar & Youngs Teflon
8. Slippin’
9. 501 (Hollow & Heston) ft. Casisdead
10. Of Course ft. Rico Love
11. Savage ft. Kyle
12. Lyrical Combat ft. Dubs & Casisdead
13. Clipped Him ft. Gunna Dee
14. The New Sh*t

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