Gia Ford Announces Debut Album ‘Transparent Things’

It's out on September 13th...

Gia Ford has shared plans for her debut album ‘Transparent Things’.

The songwriter has already been on an incredible journey, and recently decamped to Los Angeles to focus on her debut album. Out on September 13th, it’s called ‘Transparent Things’ with recording taking place at historic studio Sound City.

Legendary producer Tony Berg was at the desk – known for working on Phoebe Bridgers’ ‘Strangers In The Alps’ and ‘Punisher’ – with Gia Ford writing about what she knows best: the outsiders, the castaways, the loners.

A series of character sketches, ‘Transparent Things’ comes together as a unified statement. Gia explains in a note to fans: “Most of the characters in these songs are outcasts, all with unique ways of feeling on the periphery, somehow…” 

“Thematically it has a mythical quality, stemming from the repeated references to creatures, ghosts and undefined spirits. It’s a world of its own, where the characters have more in common than I initially thought was possible.”

New single ‘Paint Me Like A Woman’ is out now, an intro into the album’s over-arching themes. A femme portrait, it seeks out the universal, daring to look at some of our darker qualities.

Gia explains: “It is a look inside her mind as she feels herself drifting away from who she really is; allowing her rage to weave itself into the fabric of her being. It’s a comment on how we hurt each other, how we change each other, and a question: who gets punished for this terrible nature we have all, to varying degrees, embodied?”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Melanie Lehmann

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