GGGOLDDD Channel Raw Emotion On ‘This Shame Should Not Be Mine’

Dutch alt-pop project returns...

Dutch alt-pop project GGGOLDDD thrive on artistic honesty.

No subject – no matter how painful or personal – is off limits, giving their work a sense of pure connection.

New album 'This Shame Should Not Be Mine' is a bold, dramatic return, and it's set to land on April 1st.

The latest preview from the LP, the piercing title song relates to trauma, and the way in which its impact can be managed.

It's a song about survival, written by someone who has been through a period of darkness, only to find the strength to carry on.

It's beautifully written, the work of an artist operating with the utmost bravery.

Lead singer Milena Eva comments…

I was raped at the tender age of nineteen by someone I trusted and had fallen in love with. In one instant my life was upside down. It shaped me a lot. Especially the shame that comes with it, because of what society told me. ‘This Shame Should Not Be Mine’ is a fully electronic, dark and creepy song that personifies the fear and anxiety I’ve lived with. When I listen to it now it gives me strength and power like a mantra telling me it is not my fault.

After the trauma happened I went through some very scary years and the weird thing is it took me years to understand that I was scared. I filed my feelings under depression or loneliness. And my pain was downplayed by doctors and myself. It took me a long time to understand I have ptsd, that I’m sick because of what happened. And one of the biggest reasons it came this far was because of how people responded. The blame and shame that comes with taboo and the patriarchy is numbing. And the shame should have never been mine.

Tune in now.

'This Shame Should Not Be Mine' is out on April 1st – order it HERE.

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