Geese Announce New Album ‘3D Country’

It's out on June 23rd...

Brooklyn group Geese will release new album ‘3D Country’ on June 23rd.

The band caused a real ruckus with their debut album, sparking huge word of mouth hype. Hitting the road, Geese have toured relentlessly, before taking a break at the end of 2022 to construct their second LP.

Out on June 23rd, ‘3D Country’ was co-produced by Geese themselves, working alongside hugely respected UK producer James Ford. The band have placed the title track online now, with the lyrics touching on gothic Wild West tropes, the sort of thing Cormac McCarthy does so well in his writing.

Infusing their indie rock stomp with faint traces of country music, Geese hit upon something new, a cosmic slice of Americana that walks its own path.

Geese comment…

The lyrics are this story I had about a cowboy who does psychedelics in the wild west and fries his brain forever. I was imagining at first he’s this stoic, masculine character like out of a Cormac McCarthy novel, but then he unravels and sees his past lives in Ancient Rome, the Great Wall of China. Ultimately he finds himself in the end and it turns celebratory. I liked the idea of contrasting this strait-laced individual with that super mind-bending, interdimensional experience.

Similarly, the music is an amalgam of a lot of different country licks, a gospel-ish call-and-response part, things we typically wouldn’t do, but we wanted to push them through this textured, strange, psychedelic lens. We kept jamming around this one groove that’s in the verse for 10 minutes at a time, and then went back to take the best 30-second bits to piece it all together. The original version was over twice as long, and we bring some of those crazier sections back when we play it live and for the version of the song that’s in the music video.

The full video for ‘3D Country’ is online now, directed by Andy Swartz.

Tune in below.

Catch Geese on tour this September, including a London Lafayette show on September 8th.

Photo Credit: Kyle Berger

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