Gates Of Light’s ‘When The Leaf Falls’ Is Utterly Beatific

Check out the trippy visualiser...

Gates Of Light is a unique collaboration between a clutch of profoundly talented people.

Singer-songwriter Louise Quinn supplies the vocal, the pivot for their constructions; she is joined by producer/musician Bal Cooke (Glasgow), producer/ DJ Scott Fraser (London), producer/ DJ Kid Loco (Paris) and film/art director Tim Saccenti (New York).

A partnership that emerged remotely during the confines of lockdown, Gates Of Light began to look towards serenity, fusing folk-hewn songwriting with glitchy electronics and psychedelic overtones.

The project's self-titled debut album is out on April 29th via Shimmy-Disc, a 10 track endeavour that encompassed five artists working across four cities, three time zones and two continents.

'When The Leaf Falls' has a meditative quality, the sighing vocals interwoven around heady, ambient leaning electronics that assert themselves in waves.

New York based director and photographer Tim Saccenti constructs the trippy visualiser, having met Louise and Bay some time ago through a mutual friend.

Having previously worked with the likes of Animal Collective and Run The Jewels, Squarepusher and Erykah Badu, Tim's experiences come to the fore on this dazzling visualiser.

Louise Quinn comments…

Working with Tim on the Gates Of Light project has been an absolute joy; when we were all locked down at the start of the pandemic and didn't know if it was the end of the world or when we would be able to leave our houses for more than an hour a day; working with Tim was a real light in the dark.

We would exchange music influences and talk about what life was like in our respective cities (Glasgow and New York). He introduced me to Linda Perhacs and loads of other great artists which influenced the songwriting for the album. The album was like a portal that all the collaborators could escape their confinement through and transfer creative energy; this is reflected in Tim's artwork for the album sleeve.

I think Tim's video for 'When The Leaf Falls' is a beautiful piece of digital paganism which compliments the track beautifully; I feel honoured to be working with such an amazing artist.The film was created with a mixture of analog video equipment, digital enhancement, 3D and early video art techniques.

The video is a nod to the early 'expanded cinema' films of Jordan Belson, John Whitney and Harry Smith, creating a direct form for an inner journey.

Tune in now.

Video Still: Grant McPhee

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