Surf rock guitar meets twilight hues...
Gabriella Cohen

Australia's Gabriella Cohen can make a little go a long way.

As a songwriter she often dwell on a single, wiry guitar riff, letting it revolve and evolve into something striking.

New album 'Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love' was recorded in a farmhouse, using a sparse selection of lo-fi equipment.

Out shortly on Captured Tracks - pre-order your copy HERE - it's a blast of minimalist guitar pop reminiscent of everyone from The Chills to Jonathan Richman.

Clash is able to share 'Music Machine', a song which shares its name with a seminal Stateside garage rock act from the 60s.

This has its roots in post-tour ennui, however, and how an idle swipe on Tinder can sometimes lead you down unexpected pathways...

"'Music Machine' was born about the time when I came back from my first U.S tour and found myself down and out crashing on a friends couch in West Brunswick, Melbourne. It was a strange patch of time, where I felt comically displaced, coming from the glitz and glamour of New York straight to desolate suburbia and Centrelink queues."

"Maybe it was the weather, or the jet lag, but in that short time I felt drugged, hazy; I got lost far too many times on bike paths, dry gusty December heat blowing me through parks and scrubland... In my delirium, I went on my first Tinder date and, thank g-d, because I made a very good friend who led me to a farmhouse where I would record 'Pink Is The Colour Of Unconditional Love'. All in all, 'Music Machine' was written out of a delirious boredom, and in turn became a song I'm grateful to have written."

Tune in now.

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