Gabriela Bee Seizes The Day With ‘I WANT A HEARTBREAK’

It's her terrific new single...

Gabriela Bee surges to triumph on new single ‘I WANT A HEARTBREAK’.

The Canadian artist rose to viral fame – alongside her family – with those iconic Vine clips, and quickly learned to adjust to the spotlight. Developing her skills in real time, Gabriela is ready to step out on her own, sharing a flurry of solo singles.

Making her bow in October with ‘Look At You Now’, she then followed this with crushing new single ‘Maybe’.

Out now, ‘I WANT A HEARTBREAK’ continues her rise, the crushing pop intensity offset by Gabriela’s incredible use of melody. Twisting and turning itself inside out, she’s yearning to experience life in its full 360.

A true teenage tale, ‘I WANT A HEARTBREAK’ taps into the frustrations of adolescent life. She comments…

In my song ‘I WANT A HEARTBREAK’ I use wanting a heartbreak as a metaphor for wanting to experience the real things in life. As teenagers, we constantly want to grow up and understand the wildness of the world. Obviously, no one wants their heart broken, but it almost feels like what we get from it is what we crave. The real feelings and stories, whether it’s the good, bad, or the absolute worst.

When I wrote ‘HEARTBREAK’, the initial lyric for the hook was going to be “I WANNA RUNAWAY” but I felt like wanting to have a heartbreak was a little more interesting to depict that longing for those unrefined, intense emotions that shape our existence. I like to imagine this song as a rollercoaster, when at the drop, (the chorus), you can find yourself almost feeling the full spectrum of life’s authentic feelings and stories through the explosion of drums, guitars and echoes. I want listeners to confront and cherish the rawness of everything they feel, even if it means facing the pain of a heartbreak.

Tune in now.

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