Gabriel Gifford Invokes Fire And Fury On ‘Voice From The Wind’

Mini-album 'Hailstone King' arrives November 10th...

Berlin-based interdisciplinary artist Gabriel Gifford ropes in Aphty Khéa for deconstructed club dirge ‘Voice From The Wind’.

It’s the second single to be lifted from Gifford’s forthcoming mini-album ‘Hailstone King’, after ‘Raised By She-Wolves’. A mythic album fusing folklore with modern existentialism, the mini-album riffs on themes of grief, the illusion of masculinity, mental health, identity, and familial legacy.

A by-product of an increasingly virile queerphobic atmosphere, ‘Voice From The Wind’ is an impassioned invocation. Raised in “a conservative, queerphobic village in Greece”, Aphty Khéa felt a connection with the song’s staunch defence of personal autonomy: “In the lyrics for ‘Voice From The Wind’, I refer to myself and my experiences with gender neutral grammar, which pretty much doesn’t happen at all in mainstream Greek society, and is otherwise only done within the queer community.”

Gifford used the track “to explore a feeling of premonition. Something carnal brewing inside before it’s even conscious…I knew there was an empowered aggression and darkness we could explore together, which ended up feeling very cathartic.”

Watch the ‘Voice From The Wind’ visualiser here…

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