Hyde and Beast launches

Dave Hyde from Sunderland indie types The Futureheads has confirmed he is launching a solo project.

The Futureheads blasted out of Sunderland with a clutch of stunning off kilter indie pop tunes. Releasing two albums with 679 Recordings the band really came of age when they formed their own record label Nul Records.

Taking charge of their own affairs, the band seem to have settled into adulthood. Barry Hyde recently married one time Dananananaykroyd bass player Laura Hyde, while Dave Hyde became the first member of The Futureheads to become a father.

Now the drummer has confirmed he is launching a new solo project. Speaking to BBC 6Music Ross Millard claimed that Dave Hyde was set to launch a duo named 'Hyde And Beast'.

Because he is David Hyde, and the guy who he made the record with is the guy from a band called The Golden Virgins, Neil Basset, who is a big beast" he laughed.

"Man it’s great," he exclaimed. "It’s so good because basically a lot of the stuff that Dave listens to, or loves, or really references is not what people would associate with The Futureheads."

"He is the world’s biggest fan of The Band and The Velvet Underground and a lot of 60s and 70s quirky, almost carnival-esque music and I think that’s what the recordings sound like."

Due to be released through The Futureheads own label, Ross Millard claimed that the band are all fans of the new material. "Because it is him and it’s got his voice on it and it’s practically all his playing, it’s part of the family now and will be released as such" the singer confirmed.

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