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Radar Radio

Radar Radio is at the centre of further allegations made by another ex member of staff.

The online radio station was accused of "organisational racism" in a powerful statement by Pxssy Palace, who brought their stint at Radar to an end earlier this month.

Radar was accused of "allowing the airing of sexist, homophobic and transphobic shows, with no evident attempt to apologise, or take reparatory action following this" and "a lack of balance in how staff and DJ’s are paid and promoted, with cherry picking of white men over POC".

The station released a short statement in response to this, but now former producer Ashtart Al-Hurra has gone public with her experiences.

In a lengthy post titled 'I'm A Woman Of Colour Who Was Mistreated At Radar Radio' she writes: "I relate to most of the issues raised by Pxssy Palace, but one item on the list was especially triggering for me: “Creating an uncomfortable and toxic environment which has led to the departure of many women of colour staff”. I was one of those women of colour staff."

The piece continues: "Needless to say, my dream of doing anything in music at all without being victimized soon shattered. While working at Radar, I was sexually harassed, like, fucking tonnes, by dickhead dj dudes. This is shit for anybody, but triggering especially for me, as I’m a survivor of child abuse, domestic abuse and r*pe (which I was dealing with at the time). Not only this, but both my abusive ex and my r*pist are producers/DJs who know all the same fucking people I do, so you can imagine I don’t take this shit lightly. To add fuel to the fire, a couple women at the station also had the audacity to spread rumours about me fucking and sucking various guys there, as if all I’m gonna want after having horrible experiences with dick – is more dick?!"

Writing about her concerns on Facebook, Ashtart was called in by Radar Radio bosses, and "the person in question said that I represented Radar and shouldn’t be talking about such things on social media".

Radar Radio founder Ollie Ashley is the son of controversial Sports Direct boss Mike Ashley, who had to answer to a Commons Select Committee on working practises at the company.

It seems that Radar Radio use the same HR company as Sports Direct. Ashtart writes: "They brought in a HR person from Eacotts, the company that deals with Sports Direct, to speak to me and take an official statement. Not only did I have to recount what happened, I also had to go through who had harassed me and what they had done again. This process took place through a series of meetings at Radar, where they spoke to me, then spoke to the manager who had made me uncomfortable, then had a meeting with both of us to reconcile the issue."

She also explains: "They made me sign a confidentiality form declaring that I would not reveal any of this information to anybody without the permission of Ollie Ashley or a member of Eacotts."

The full blog post is worth reading, and you can find it HERE.

Radar Radio have yet to respond to the claims.

As this statement spread online throughout the day Radar Radio has been hit by a wave of resignations from key DJs.

Radar Radio has suspended broadcasting pending an internal investigation.

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