Check out new track 'Prettiest Ones Fly Highest'

Fryars is on the move.

Working quickly, the English artist has pieced together an album of new material - with a cinematic sweep. Signing to Fiction, forthcoming record 'Power' arrives on November 17th.

Written, programmed and produced by Fryars the album is billed as "a soundtrack to a film that does not exist." Receiving assistance throughout the production process, Fryars worked alongside Rodaidh McDonald.

"I want each track to play on a different place and moment in time," the songwriter explains. "To take you on that journey without picture."

Flamboyant new cut 'Prettiest Ones Fly Highest' is online now. Opening with a beat which is somewhere between hip hop and early Industrial, the vocals have a tinge of R&B but retain a distorted viewpoint.

Check it out now.

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