“It’s written, essentially."

Frightened Rabbit have told ClashMusic that work on their fourth album is well under way.

The history of independent music is littered with tales of major label intervention gone wrong. When news broke that Frightened Rabbit had signed to Columbia, fans immediately feared for the worst.

However to date, it seems like business as usual at FRabbit HQ. Speaking to ClashMusic backstage at the Tartan Clefs in Glasgow, singer Scott Hutchison reflected on the move to a major and how work on their fourth album is progressing.

First up: the new record deal. “I think we’ve been given more freedom this year than ever before, we’ve been given more time to write songs, more space, more resources and everything seems to be focussed on us making the album we want to."

"To be honest with you, I was bracing myself for major label nonsense – which I’ve heard all about and didn’t really want to deal with – but Atlantic seem to be unique in that they are so supportive of their less commercially viable artists. They just want us to make the best album we can. I’ve been blown away by how supportive they’ve been by what we want to do with the next record.”

Probed about work on the new Frightened Rabbit album, Scott Hutchison replied that LP #4 was already written. "“It’s written, essentially. So we’re just trying to chose a producer. We’re trying to figure that out. It’s written and it’s really exciting material. It’s different enough but it’s still ourselves, y’know? It’s dark. We’re experimenting with minor keys, which is actually new for us – we’re quite a major key band. Fuck me, I’ve done – what – three albums now and not many minor key songs. So we’ve been experimenting with that. Spooky.”

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Frightened Rabbit are currently working on their fourth album.