Protest at BBC cuts

Frightened Rabbit have leant their support to a compilation album released in protest at ongoing BBC cuts.

For young musicians across the country, simply getting themselves is the biggest hurdle they will ever encounter. Competition is ferocious, with fewer and fewer outlets for new, breaking, underground music.

BBC Radio's Introducing... program has helped countless new acts get noticed since its inception almost a decade ago. Now with cuts looming, the regional shows are under threat and protests are looming.

Fans of Introducing In Scotland are launching a number of measures to make their feelings known. Edinburgh based label ABAGA Records have taken things one step further, piecing together a compilation of acts who owe a debt to the programme.

Amongst the acts taking part are Stanley Odd, Profisee and Frightened Rabbit. Recently signing to Atlantic, the Glasgow based outfit are currently busy crafting the follow up to 'The Winter Of Mixed Drinks'.

Keeping themselves secluded from the spotlight, the band decided to lend their support to the campaign. Donating a previously unreleased track to the album, Frightened Rabbit have acknowledged their debt to the Introducing... programme.

“The show has been a great way for many Scottish artists to get noticed” said ABAGA director Andrew Rankine. “It would be a real shame to loose a 2 hour-per-week show that is the only one of its kind on Radio 1 that supports up and coming musicians. It gives artists the confidence and coverage to make a good career for themselves, and I’m sure the BBC could make cuts elsewhere if they need to. Calvin Harris, Franz Ferdinand and Mylo are amongst others that have made a name for themselves thanks to the show”.

Frightened Rabbit aren't the only band lending their support - Mogwai's Stuart Braithwaite recently sent a message to the label. "This is a great show and it would be a real tragedy if it was stopped from being broadcast. The show has been really supportive of the Scottish music scene as a whole and has backed us and our bands on Rock Action, which has meant a lot to us".

ABAGA Records will release the new compilation digitally on December 19th. Check out the online petition HERE.

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