Freya Roy’s ‘Calling My Name’ Is A Street-Soul Hymn

The neat jazz inflections take it to another level...

Freya Roy has shared her gorgeous new song 'Calling My Name'.

The songwriter's soulful touch is subtle but striking, with her musicality incorporating a jazz-like sense of freedom.

Out now, 'Calling My Name' harks back to that street-soul sound, while adding some nimble new elements.

The slumped beat recalls those boom-bap mutations, while the neat guitar licks and gorgeous organ sounds borrow from jazz.

Electronic elements surround her voice, with Freya Roy's incantation – "lead astray in my heart and in my head" – proving to be hypnotic.

Freya worked with Jess Vincent on the video for 'Calling My Name', which features dancer Salomé Pressac interpreting the music via the movements of her body.

Freya Roy explains…

“Whilst at a turning point in a relationship, I had a confrontational conversation with someone one evening which left me awake throughout the whole night. It’s a bit of a confession.. but I’ve written about giving in to these intense feelings of desire. At the time it felt selfish, but I couldn’t help myself so I let it all wash over me.”

Tune in now.

Photo Credit: Chip Skingley

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